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Beautiful world. Beautiful life.

Our time here on this fragile planet is a gift. You will understand that I truly mean that when you read about me.

I now spend every waking minute seeking out the awe and wonder that is all around me – whether my travels take me to the far reaches of the globe, or when I’m right in my own back yard in the great Pacific Northwest.

I hope my images delight and move you as they do me.

Gary Hamburgh | The Palouse Guy

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_Q5A9118 Evening Glow on the Palouse
23 DSC_0101 Chocolate and Caramel Mounds
_MG_7147 Mt Rainier in Dawn's Light-2
_MG_8760 - 2009-07-19 Morning Light Floods the Gorge
_MH_0569 Red Rock Run final-2
_MH_1210 Streaming Light at Ruby Beach-2
_MH_2578 Morning Glow at the Falls
_MH_6844 - Sunset at Point Roberts
_MH_8300 Ferry at Sunset-5
5_MH_1523 Driftwood and Rocks
_MG_9729 Gig Harbor Sunrise Pano
04051404 Winn Road Barn in Snow-2
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